High Performance Team Coaching

Build an "us" mentality and behaviour that fosters trust.

We know that top-performing teams significantly outperform average teams. And that high performance teams can be created with an investment in developing a positive and productive team environment.

Our customized team coaching process will help you create high performance teams to meet your specific needs and objectives including:

Create a Positive Team Environment

Create vulnerability-based trust amongst your team members so you focus more energy on your jobs and less on being political with one another. Intentionally design how you want to work together and what you can expect from each other. Develop an ‘us’ mentality and hold your primary team first.

Create a Deeply Held Sense of Purpose

Articulate and refine a shared vision of what you are collectively creating which is compelling and drives you forward. Create a new level of ownership and accountability to achieve results.

Develop Team Awareness and Skills

Gain new insights about yourself and your team members. Develop key skills and competencies that drive team performance forward, such as an increased capacity to be candid and receptive, collaborative, and courageous enough to deal with the tough issues - for the sake of producing the best results possible.

Team diagnostic and assessment tools are used to highlight the team culture and dynamics, identify key strengths to leverage and opportunities for growth. We are certified to administer a number of world class assessments for teams including The Leadership Circle Culture Survey, The Team Diagnostic and Myers-Briggs.

The WWG Team Coaching Process

The goal of the team coaching process is to achieve positive, sustainable team results, which takes place over time. The coaching is typically done in three hour sessions on a monthly basis and the process includes the following:

Build a Foundation

  • Identify your team’s current state and dynamics, and your objectives for the team coaching process
  • Complete a confidential on-line team assessment and review the results. Assessments may include The Leadership Circle Culture Survey, The Team Diagnostic and Myers-Briggs.
  • Jointly create a team plan and team agreements to guide on-going coaching and development
  • Develop foundational skills for the process

On-going Team Coaching

  • Create new insights, skills and leverage possibilities for development through regular interactive coaching sessions
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities the team is facing and engage in exercises that deepen the learning and create more candour, trust and accountability

Measure Results

  • Complete a follow-up assessment after a period of time and compare the results to the original benchmark 

We work with teams at all levels of the organization including leadership teams, newly formed teams, teams dealing with specific challenges such as conflict, poor communication and relationship issues, as well as high performing teams that want to sustain their performance or move to the next level.

Team coaching will accelerate both the development of your individual team members and the team as a functioning system.

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